Fan filter units are self-powered filter units provide uniform air flow to meet cleanliness standards. The technology ensures uniform air flow across the filter face, free from noise and maintenance. The units are available in different sizes of 4' x 2', 3' x 2' and 2' x 2' in height of 14". The energy efficient, dynamically balanced centrifugal impeller with outer rotor motors ensures low noise level and most suitable for clean room applications.


Fan filter units with HEPA filters are designed to meet hospital, pharmaceutical, food & clean room applications with controlled air distribution.

Construction and Supports

The housing is fabricated with SS 304, SS 316, Aluminum, Galvanized sheet steel with suitable surface finish. This is equipped with room side replaceable H13 or H14 Mini pleat HEPA filter and 5 micron Pre filter. The modules are designed to facilitate change of HEPA filters within the clean room.