Room side replaceable terminal modules with HEPA filters for pharmaceutical, food and biotech clean rooms are offered to suit ceiling grids. The terminal modules allow air from the HEPA filter fitted within the housing, to have a minimal time period in which to collect contamination from the surrounding parts of the housing.


The terminal modules with HEPA filters are designed to suit pharmaceutical, food & clean room applications with controlled air distribution.

Media and Its Function

The terminal modules are constructed with aluminum as well as powder coated galvanized sheets with DOP insertion points and upstream pressure tapping points along with balancing dampers with integral butterfly valves for easy operation. The modules are designed to facilitate change of HEPA filters within the clean room. These modules are designed to combine guaranteed HEPA final filtration and controlled air distribution.

The damper assembly is adjustable from within the room and is supported by a damper support channel permanently attached to the filter hood duct collar. The units are protected with a powder coated diamond pattern grille.